Interlong Enterprises Real Estate Investment

The dream home you never knew you needed




Our Real Estate Investment goes through a systematic procedure before we invest, conducted by Mr Mzonke Nhlapo and His Mentor.

    1. A constant flow of deals from emerging markets are researched by Mr Mzonke Nhlapo.

    2. Select the right Real Estate from these emerging markets with Value Add Propositions, high growth potential and low downside risk.

    3. Analyse the past performance of the Real Estate and estimate future cash flow.

    4. The selected Real Estate is then passed to Mr Mike Spencer (Mentor) for review.

    5. Then the investment begins should the mentor declare the Real Estate as “profitable” and is moved fast into being a transaction which is closed.


We purchase already existing property(s) i.e. Blocks of flats only in emerging markets with potential for growth and profits, develop them by finding the value add propositions, make them more profitable and “let” them out. We all need and deserve an accommodation we can believe in and now it is here, let’s satisfy a major need. We will also help COMBAT THE HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT RATES in South Africa by employing people such as an on-sight manager for safety purposes and many more. By focusing on value add opportunities of properties in emerging markets overlooked by companies such as the REITs, Interlong Enterprises purchases Property(s) that offer high occupancy, reducing concessions, lowering expenses and major tax benefits.


Interlong Enterprises is a Property Investment Company {P.I.C.}, formed for the purpose of acquiring and managing a specific PROPERTY/REAL ESTATE asset. The company will seek to acquire and manage this Real Estate Asset/Property Asset with the intention of providing Participating Investors with Real Estate/Property focused investment opportunity that combines Income and Principal Investment Growth, appreciation on an on-going cash flow and more. What is meant by all this? Well The advantage of our company is you invest in a tangible asset, you will be able to see and touch your investment, no one will be able to perform a “disappearing act” with your investment. You will be able to see your investment grow and even show you grandchildren an investment you once made.

There are good Real Estate Investment Companies in the world but they are limited, hence Interlong Enterprises is dedicated to being the BEST REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT COMPANY EVER SEEN. We invest in Real, Real Estate, we are a new name, a new company, a special Investment Company, something new which you can believe in, something new which you can trust, something new that wants to grow and reach heights only imaginable. Our founders embedded this Real Estate Investment Company in the sky so when you look up and see the height of a large Real Estate, you can remember our name. Over the years, Property statistics in South Africa have been rising and falling meaning we have been experiencing “hype” caused by high demand and lack of supply, because of this, we are dedicated and experienced to always research the market trends to develop strategies allowing us to mitigate this volatility and reduce its negative effects on our investors and because of the population growth predictions for the near future, Real Estate Prices will rise as soon as what we have seen is noticed, so let’s act NOW! This experience and the experience of management and mentor has also positioned us to take advantage of opportunities presented in such times. This proactive approach sets Interlong Enterprises apart from our competition.

Interlong Enterprises provides investors with the opportunity of investing in Property, avoid all the hassles, profit from the demand of residential properties while living their everyday lives. Busy investors can comfortably know that they will profit regularly and won’t have to be involved in the day to day functions of the company. They can focus on their first flow of income and allow Management and Mentor to manage and grow their Second flow of income.

Be a man amongst men or a woman amongst women by making yourself more successful and helping another be more successful.


Interested in getting your money to work for you? Are you interested in investing in a powerful cash flow generating investment? Do you want to join Mr Mzonke Nhlapo as he changed the Real Estate market forever? All you have to do is download the above form, fill it in and email it to


Click the image above to download the document.


Interlong Enterprises Investor Portal provides the capability for participating investors to become “prospects”.

For the Company’s management team, this allows access to the prospect providing contact information, being added to the investor prospect database which provides management an effective tool for investor prospect relations and management.


Once a prospective investor has decided they are interested in investing, we can then upgrade the prospect account to “Investor” level access. This access now allows investors to access specific process information for investing and instructions on transfer of investment funds, investor relations contact information and the ability to see in real time statistics on the offering. You also have the ability to access company financials, press releases and many more.

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