Interlong Enterprises Real Estate Investment

The dream home you never knew you needed

About Us


We are a start up Real Estate Investment Company. We are a new name, we come with special and unique ideas which people can believe in, a name investors and clients can trust, something people can believe In. We are new, we are special, we provide something that people need.

We are looking to invest in and own a minimum of 1000 Real Estate units in the next 36 months.

Mzonke Nhlapo has a growing experience in dealing with profit generating Real Estate which he has been acquiring from January 2016 and under the strict supervision of his mentor who has over 40 year's experience in Property and Real Estate markets, he guarantees a powerful, profitable, cash flow generating investment that will continue existing regardless of what happens to the economy or politics.

Team Members

Mzonke Nhlapo: Founder/Ceo

Mike Spencer: Mentor

Matimu Sambo: P.A.                       


To become one of the best and most profitable Real Estate Investment Companies in the world.To enhance and grow the investment of investors, find value add propositions and appreciate the value of the Real Estate and make the investment more lucrative and profitable.  Rapidly grow our deals by a thousand units in every 36 months. 


We invest in Real Estate in emerging markets with high growth potential and very low downside risk. We turn a normal real Estate into a money making deal. By providing the best service and treating clients like royalty .We give people without the know-how or time a chance to invest in Real Estate regardless of their income bracket or net worth. We seek returns of 8% or more Before Value Adds or Appreciation.                       

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